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Beekeepers from High on honey

Jiri Galik

I work in Brno as a consultant. In free time, usually at the weekends ,  I do beekeeping. It is relax and some kind of inspiration for me. Beekeeping in city has some practical advantages like:

Diversed flora, better microclimate and primarily pesticides and another chemicals are not used in city, on the countryside it´s unortunately common.

I am beekeeper since childhood. My great-grandfather was respectable beekeeper and I want to be his legacy.

Martin Homolka


I am joiner, so I make our own wooden hives. It is specteclular when you see bees living in hive. I have to create something to feel happy in my life, bees gives me the way.

Also I love raw honey. Do you know for what orgain in our body is honey most healthy? Our hearts my friends. Heart needs saccharides. Simple molecule of glucose and fructose and hundreds of another substances in honey are best energy for our hearts.



Roman Hos


Everithing about cars, thats my thing. Repairs, inspection, sales, servis.. All of that is from time to time exhauisting, so you need to run away, to some quiet place where bees are only thing you can hear.

Do you like apple? Pear, brunch of grapes, peach, orange...? Without bees you would hardly taste this fruits ever again. Honey is only 10% of bees prosperity. Pollinate of trees and flowers is 90%. 

Where are we

Brno, Czech, Europe

Jihlava, Czech, Europe

High on honey - bees and good honey from Czech

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